Valuation Services

Hilco Industrial Acquisitions offers appraisals of all tangible and intangible asset categories, establishing values for assets by taking into account numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. Our reports are rigorously peer-reviewed by senior level appraisers, who confirm the validity of the assumptions and the data before approving the documents.

Hilco Valuation Services is one of the world’s largest and most diversified business asset appraisers and valuation advisors. It would be difficult to name an industry that we have not served, an asset category we have not appraised, nor a valuation service we have not provided. We first use reliable real-time, hard market data, accumulated through our international asset acquisition/disposition platform. We understand current market conditions and variables across multiple industries.

Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets...

...translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.