ThyssenKrupp Steel


ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe decided to close their Heavy Plate Mill at their Duisburg-Hüttenheim works, after they tried to sell the business as a going concern. Hilco negotiated the purchase of the Heavy Plate Mill facility for around 8 months and in February 2022 signed a contract to purchase and remove the Machinery & Equipment. We started with scrapping the Furnaces, which contained Asbestos.


(2) Slab Reheating Furnaces, HOT ROLLING MILL, Hot Leveler, Hot Shear, Coolant Bed, (3) Reheating Furnaces; 2 Cold Straighteners; Finishing Lines.


After an extensive marketing campaign, many Steel Rolling Mills inspected the equipment. Most of them were interested in a few items, but a few were interested to purchase the complete Heavy Plate Mill. We managed to sell the complete Rolling Mill facility, without 3 furnaces, which contained asbestos to a Steel Maker from Asia. Dismantling has started and it will take approx. 14-15 months to dismantle, pack and load all equipment with our own Project Team supervising the safe operations on site.


Selling the Mill in such a short time was a great success and it shows our marketing and sales capability.


We can only do these jobs in a successful and safe way, using our own Project Management, including a designated Health & Safety Inspector.