Semi Materials South Korea

South Korea


Semi Materials, manufacturer of Semiconductors Wafers for LED lighting, entered into bankruptcy and after a Court Auction, the secured Lender became the owner of the assets in June 2020 and needed to sell the Machinery &Equipment in order to sell the Real Estate, a beautiful building on a large piece of land near Daegu, South Korea.The lender contacted our Seoul office and asked us to offer and they soon agreed to our offer.


We tried to sell the complete facility for a period of time, however as we had to remove all Machinery & Equipment before Jan.31st 2021. We just ran out of time and decided to organize an Online Auction Sale, which took place in October 2020 and a Private Treaty Sale for the major more expensive Equipment.


MOCVD (5) Aixtron Reactors, Nikon Stepper, ICP Etchers, Alligner, PL Mapper, XRD Machine, Gas Cabinets, E Beam-, Lapping, Bonding- and Wafer Breaker Machines, Wet-Benches , all purchased new in 2011.


The secured Lender sold us the Equipment outright. We managed the entire removal process, from getting the power back- up, securing the site, decontaminating all equipment, final removal and clean-up before we handed over the Buildings to the lender.


We sold one of the MOCVD Reactors to a German Research Institute and all others to two different Chinese buyers; the majority of the tools were exported to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and USA.


This was a good experience, our last transaction in the semiconductor industry was Azzuro Semiconductors, which we sold as one package to an UK LED manufacturer. The secured lender was very pleased with the way we handled this transaction and especially with the way we cleaned the buildings, making it possible for them to handover to a new user of the facility.