Mechanical Engineering


Berghoff Mechanical Engineering in Altdorf, Switzerland ceased production in December 2019, as they were no longer competitive o the European market, due to the strong Swiss Franc. In 2020 another company tried to continue the operations at Berghoff, but failed and as early 2021 the company, who owned the Machinery & Equipment, decided to start a disposition process.


“Going Concern Sale”. We managed to sell all major machines and some of the smaller machines in one package to AQUAtec, a German company, who started the activities again in the fall of 2021. An Auction Sale was organized to sell the small machines, tooling and accessories, not required by Aquatec.


The equipment at the company was originally purchased by RUAG, the founders of the business. Excellent late machines: such as 4 WALDRICH-COBURG MultiTec and MasterTec and 11 DMG Machining Centers, Zeiss, Reiden, Schaublin and Boehringer Lathes, Fehlmann and Aciera Milling Machines, Kellenberger, Favretto, Tripet and Straussak Grinders.


The owner of the machinery & Equipment appointed Hilco and NetBid, a German auctioneer, to dispose of all Machinery & Equipment within a 9 months period. We managed to sell all major and many of the smaller machines as going concern to AQUAtec in one package and AQUAtec is now operating the business in Altdorf, re-employing a number of the ex-employees.


Without any doubt, the highlight was the sale as going concern to AQUAtec within a period of 6 months.


This was an excellent result and it made many people happy, especially those who were able to go back to their old job.