Beiersdorf Chile


As part of Beiersdorf’s restructuring effort for its manufacturing footprint, the closure of the Chilean factory was announced in early 2021, by the middle of the year, Hilco acquired the complete fleet of manufacturing equipment for cream, gels, and liquid products for personal use.


– Online Auction Sales
– Private Treaty Sales for some of the lines


Best in class factory utilities, processing and packaging equipment for the fabrication of liquid products, gels and deodorants in multiple formats and packages.




We were able to sell most of the assets and during the clean-up process we removed also all unsold items , some of which were built into the infrastructure. Finally, the building could be handed back in time to the landlord.


Hilco’s operations team was able to comply with all requirements by executing an extensive private treaty sales effort that brought, as a result, worldwide sales, local auctions in partnership with local auctioneers, and a final clean-up of the site.
By working with Hilco, the former factory owner was able to perform a positive cash flow project in which was able to make a financial recovery and reduce to almost nothing the financial and operational risk associated with a site closure.