When Toyota Motor Company as well as FORD and GM announced the closures of their plants, many of their TIER 1 subcontractors had no choice and closed their plants in 2016 and 2017.

  • ROH: produced Alloy & Steel Wheels;
  • METALSA: Stampings and Body Parts;
  • CHASSIS BRAKE INTERNATIONAL: Knuckle Joint and Brake Parts;
  • DENSO AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS: Engine Cooling, Air Conditioning, Instrument Clusters;
  • TOYODA BOSHOKU: Seats, Interior & Exterior Parts,
  • BRITAX: Seats (Child)
  • CONTINENTAL: Instrument Clusters & Cockpit and Headlights,
  • TOYODA GOSEI: Weather Strips & Interior Parts. Most of these companies were located around Melbourne and the rest around Adelaide.



Some of these plants were sold by Online Auction Sale, some by Private Treaty and some by a combination of Private Treaty and Auction.


Aluminum Wheel Production Lines, Stamping Presses and Welding Lines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Extrusion Lines, Machining Lines, Assembly Lines etc. Some of the equipment was very late and some was older, but there was a lot of equipment. We sold over 150 Plastic Injection Molding Machines.


Together with GraysOnline we were appointed by 10 Tier 1 Companies to dispose of their Machinery & Equipment. This was the largest sale of automotive manufacturing equipment in Australian history. We sold equipment all over the world, Big Press Lines to Mexico, Taiwan and Indonesia;, Engine Lines to China; Complete Aluminum Wheel Line of recent vintage to Pakistan; Extrusion Presses to England; Injection Molders all over Asia; Machining Lines to India and China.


The highlights were the sales of a very recent Alloy Wheel Line to a company in Pakistan and two Transfer Press Lines to Mexico. Within a relative short period of time, we managed to sell and remove a lot of machines from 10 different factories.

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