Kyung Ho Song

Kyung Ho Song

President Korea (SEOUL)

Mr. Kyung Ho Song joined Hilco Korea on January 1st 2018. Mr. Song retired in 2012 from the Korea Military, after serving 30 years from graduating in 1982 from the Korea Military Academy.


Mr. Song´s career in the Military was:

  • Mechanized battalion Commander (1996-1999)
  • Chief of Staff, ROK Civil military Brigade in Iraq (2004)
  • 76th Mechanized Brigade Commander (2006)
  • ROK/US Combined Forces Command, Chief planner (2007-2008)
  • UNIFIL ROK Commander, Lebanon (2009)
  • Director, PKO center, Korea National Defense University (2010-2011)

After retiring from the Army Mr. Son  worked for a Korean Trading Company as CMO/Vice President and served as a non-executive marketing & sales director for a domestic logistics company before joining Hilco Industrial Korea.