Testimonial for performance during the SMB-project in Markranstädt, Germany

Dear Mr. Bouland,

Now that our common project has been finalized we trulywant to complement you and your team on the work performed.

We confirm thehighly professional handling of the complete project, including the marketing activities, the sales process, the removal of Machinery and Equipment, and also the outstanding information flow throughout the project.

As agreed the building has been left broom swept, neatand clean, even one month prior to the contractually agreed period. Of course we are grateful for the fast payment you made to us within the agreed period.

To conclude, we thank Hilco Industrial Acquisitions b.v. for the professional handling of this project and we are very happy with the final result.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

With Kind regards

SMB Modell- und Werkzeugbau GmbH Name der Unterzeichnenden Person

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